Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Weird Dreams : Squirrel Park

I had this dream.... Two nights ago.
Went to this squirrel park...
And was greeted by two playful squirrels.
They seem to be comfortable with humans. Kept following me expecting me to feed them food (squirrel park).

They were jumping over my shoulders all around.

Of the two squirrels , one was male and other female. Easy to tell as one of them were lighter color than the other. Another feature is for some reason, the female has boobs(not human boobs. More like a bump in the chest)

So after realizing we had no food, the male went into this "coconut" inside there's this "hamster wheel" thing for it to run around.

I felt pity for them, so I bought some nuts from the near by vending machine. Gave the female.

I went to the coconut to lure the male out. No response. So I picked it up. Looked inside, and found the male squirrel wedged between the wall and the wheel dead and bloodied.
The end

Post credits scene. The female squirrel likely the male's partner started going into a hysteric fit. Rage, confusion, it's super effective mode.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Weird Dreams : Durian Runtuh

I have this dream last night.... Kept me awake whole night...
Went to 7eleven in the UK to buy a "betting ticket" for 300yen.
You have to guess how many durian will fall off the tree when it is shaken. If you get it right, you get 3000 £.
Having previously dreamt of this, I bet 6 durian. Walked about 50 meters away to a tree near the city centre. This bet happens every hour. People gathered and waited anxiously.
12 durian fell... Along with a few giant inflatable watermelons
I then woke up in the middle of the night sue to disappointment... Then slept again..... This time I went to an imitation store ... Some bubble tea franchise copying the idea with a fake tree and inflatable fruits.
Lost again.... After the fruits fell, I noticed the workers carting the fruits back into storage to be reused.
It's only when I typed this out I realized I was subliminally dreaming of "durian runtuh".

Edit : Today is 7/11/17 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Weird Dreams : An Odd Stalker Nightmare

I had a dream last night, I was laying in my bed.
Then I saw a small blinking light beside my bed.
Went in closer and saw it was a micro flying drone half the size of a 10cent coin.... With a camera lens attached to it
I grabbed it and the drone turned off/ malfunctioned.
Oh the other end of my bedroom, I found another drone and the same thing occurred. 
A few seconds later, I received an sms from an unknown number claiming he is "Tamankhafa" and in the sms there's a link.
On the website, there are photos of me dated since Jan 7th 2016.
Photos of me in my room, around the house, at malls, and places I've been.
I looked back to the sms, and it mentions that if I want them to stop stalking me or make the pictures public, I'd have to make a 'donation'.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Year's Resolution 2016

Only managed 3 out of 5 marathons last year... so I'll stick with the 5 marathon goal for this year.

Have already registered for 3 for the first half of the year. All I need is another 2. How hard could that be?

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Weird Dreams : Star Wars is a Slasher Movie

I had another dream last night,
I was at a hotel watching star Wars a new hope. The effects were crap. There was a big battle at the beginning of the movie with lame effects, lame choreography etc.
Then the movie switches to a Luke and his other college mates, who were at this planet which is fully dense with buildings.
 They entered a hotel but an assassin was waiting in their room and started killing all of Luke's friends one by one. The assassin wasn't using any Jedi powers or skills, he was just brutally killing them using some ninja/ Kung Fu skills. His weapon of choice, a parang (machete).

He was slicing the head off of people (above the nose instead of neck). Dismembering as each of Lukes friends dies one by one. The whole hotel room was painted crimson.

Our hero Luke meanwhile managed to hide in a closet. That's where he met c3p0... While all his friends get massacred outside.

The star wars in my dream was a slasher flick...

Edit 17th Jan 2016 :
Found this vid a day after.....

Friday, January 15, 2016

Weird Dreams : Gay Wrestlers?

 I had a dream last night...
 I was watching an episode for wrestling and they were doing their usual drama backstage. Then a bunch of the female wrestlers came out of their dressing rooms and decided to confess to everyone that they are actually lesbians.
Immediately after, a bunch of male wrestlers left their dressing room and also admitted to the camera that they are gays.
Two other male wrestlers walked out and saw the commotion but kept quiet. One of them hinted of this bullshit and asked the other to leave with him. They were Brock Lesnar and stone cold where the latter initiated to leave.

 As they walk out, they headed to the stair case and then Brock started kissing stone cold on his cheek.....
Stone cold says he isn't gay and that he will have non of this shit
Brock asks what does he fear? Everybody fears something.
 Then a dark figure walks down the stairs... Harlequin diseased faced monstrosity started screaming in the darkness as it's figure slowly brightens into the light.

 And then I woke up...

Additional info :
 For some odd reason when that harlequin person came down... It was like I was watching a youtube vid.... I was expecting a jump scare so I fast  forwarded the video... it was about 10-15 seconds from ending.
I skipped to 5 seconds remaining and then it started screaming and smiling
Once the video ends, I woke up

Monday, July 13, 2015

RIP Satoru Iwata san

Thank you for your contribution to my childhood T_T